10th Ave Burrito Co.

10th Ave Burrito Co. is a popular Mexican restaurant located in Belmar, New Jersey. This personality-driven restaurant was looking to enhance its online presence and we knew we could help bring that vision to life. They were featured on “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” and have come a long way from their humble beginnings as a 4-seat carry-out on 10th Avenue. We loved the aesthetic and vibe of their establishment since the day we met them and knew that we could take those key characteristics and transfer it into the digital world. Our collaboration with 10th Ave Burrito Co. includes managing their socials along with maintaining their website, which we also redesigned.

Services Provided

Social Media

Cookin’ It Up on Social

We manage 10th Ave’s Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. We collaborate on quarterly productions, which allow us to create top-tier content across all channels. Creativity and expression are at the forefront of our process with partnerships we have with businesses like 10th Ave. Burrito Co. Our team utilizes stories, reels, and other forms of content to increase interaction and brand loyalty. Showcasing their fresh and from scratch Mexi-Cali menu, legendary tequila selection and live music allows us to make 10th Ave Burrito Co. known as the locals’ hangout.

Website Development

Built From Scratch

We designed and developed a website for 10th Ave Burrito Co. that reflected their brand identity and style. Their previous website lacked character and did not accurately communicate their message with the community. Catchy slogans and drool-worthy imagery are what brought this new website to life. Their refreshed online ordering system now drives more sales than ever. We made sure that this site was easy to navigate, visually appealing and optimized for all search engines.
Unique Web Visits Per Month
Increased Engagement Across All Platforms

Conclusion & Results

A Flavorful Outcome

Through our new efforts we have been able to enhance 10th Ave’s marketing from top to bottom. Contact us today to start the conversation and learn more about how we can take your restaurant’s presence to a whole new level.

“We spent a good amount of time looking for a company that could really understand us, our aesthetic and vibe. Chatter Creative has done a wonderful job at understanding everything we want achieved on our website and across our social media. They’ve nailed it on the head.”

Ali Geldart
Office Manager