McHugh Architecture

From urban lofts to historic renovations and even modern additions, McHugh Architecture does it all. They specialize in creating custom designs that reflect the client’s true self and personality while also delivering exceptional craftsmanship, detail, and functionality. McHugh Architecture was founded by Brendan McHugh, AIA, NCARB on the principle that each client deserves clear and precise communication, unhurried attention, and unwavering guidance from conception to completion. McHugh Architecture partners with us on a quarterly basis to showcase a project of their choice through clean and stunning visuals.

Services Provided

Photo / Video

A Master At Work

We can break this particular project down into three distinct steps, which resulted in a thought-provoking and visually-stunning film that speaks to the brand and its impactful story.

Pre-production: We researched the property and its history, prepared a script and storyboard, scouted the location and coordinated with the client and homeowner.

Production: While shooting on set with Brendan and team we made sure to capture the story of this project, from his inspiration, design process, and even the challenges that he faced. Each and every room in this property had a lot of character, which attributed to our ability to capture the beauty and sophistication of this location.

Post-production: Every decision in post-production, from color grading to music and shot selection were all made to create a cohesive feel and represent a compelling message. Open communication and collaboration with the client is an integral part of this process and this project was no exception.

Conclusion & Results

No Context Needed

We hope that this video will inspire others to explore getting creative with the space they call home. We’re proud to have worked with McHugh Architecture to encapsulate not only their vision and passion for architecture but also the beauty and elegance of the property. Contact us today to start the conversation and learn how we can take your content to the next level.