Emily McKenna Promoted To Senior Website Developer

January 15, 2024 |

Reading Time: 5 Minutes |

Published by Chatter Creative

January 15, 2024

Reading Time: 5 Minutes

Published by Chatter Creative

Web development and design plays a pivotal role in creating impactful digital stories, and our web team are experts at building sites that drive success.

One such member is Emily McKenna, who has helped transform Chatter Creative’s Website Development Department, taking it to new heights. Emily’s talent and drive has been recognized with a promotion to a senior role as our Senior Web Developer.

As Emily McKenna takes on her new role as Senior Website Developer at Chatter Creative, she reflects on her journey and shares valuable insights into her experience, skill set, and vision for the future.

Let’s dive deep into Emily’s personal growth, the evolution of Chatter Creative’s Website Development Department, and the unique approach that puts her and the rest of our web team above the competition.

Transforming Digital Strategy Through Design & Development: Emily’s Road to Success

Emily was thrilled to share her perspective on her journey here at Chatter Creative and her professional career as a whole. Here’s what she had to say.

Diving into Key Projects

Emily’s expertise and direction were crucial in the creation of our new website. She’s super proud of the end result – we love it too.

“Honestly, the Chatter Creative website was probably the most important and challenging website I’ve worked on. We had to implement a lot of unique features and functionalities such as having the mouse rollover video playing effect for the case study previews and implementing the video testimonials with many different team members across multiple departments.”

Mastering Skills and Tech

Emily’s not shy about her skills, either. She’s proud about her knack for wireframing, prototyping, and building websites using WordPress and Elementor. Plus, she’s totally nailed creating websites with dynamic content and features that are built to represent any brand/business for years to come.

Bringing Designs to Life

When Emily brings designs to life, she stresses the importance of user interface and experience. It’s all about making sure websites don’t just look good, but are easy and enjoyable for users to navigate.

“Of course a website should be attractive from a design standpoint, but it’s completely useless if it can’t communicate information in an efficient manner to the user. As I absorb more senior responsibilities, I’ve really tried to impress upon those new to the industry the importance of these concepts and how they can still be creative without straying too far from what works.

Team Collaboration and Alignment

One thing that’s crystal clear is how Emily and the team at Chatter Creative work together to make sure clients’ websites are in synchronized with their identities. As the Senior Website Developer, Emily is all about conquering new challenges and inspiring her team to think outside the box.

“Even though I have high expectations for the members of my department, they hold themselves to just as high a standard and are eager to learn. Keeping up with different design and development methods and concepts will continue to set us apart.”

Staying Ahead of the Game

Emily highlighted some ways she stays on top of evolving trends, which is extremely important in an ever-changing industry like ours.

From industry newsletters to design inspiration platforms, she’s got her finger on the pulse of what’s trending in the world of web.

“The internet is your best friend in an industry that is CONSTANTLY changing. I subscribe to the emails of all of the companies in our tech stack so that I’m always aware of what their roadmaps look like going forward, what features are being released that will improve our workflow, and what new companies seem to be popping up.”

Standing Out from the Rest

It’s all about delivering top-quality work that shines.

“At Chatter Creative, you don’t only have someone leading the website development team who has extensive knowledge in both website design and development with a degree in marketing, but also an entire team composed of individuals with diverse experiences in a variety of fields collaborating together. We all take great pride in the work we produce and as a senior member of the team, I’m always working to ensure that we continue to exceed client expectations.”

Personal Reflection and Chatter Creative’s Growth

Emily shares what this promotion meant for her.

It’s all about confirming she’s heading in the right direction and playing a big role in shaping the Website Development Department at Chatter Creative. Big things are continuing to happen.

Feel free to learn more about Emily by clicking here.

In a nutshell, Emily’s journey to Senior Website Developer at Chatter Creative is all about dedication, expertise, and a whole lot of innovation. It’s inspiring to see how she’s grown personally and professionally. Chatter Creative is honored to have a team member as impactful as Emily. Keep up the amazing work!

If you’re looking to work with our talented web team, contact us today to discuss how we can get your brand/business a digital presence that creates conversation!


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